KedahMail Administration

Administrators can quickly and securely manage mail server configuration and maintenance tasks, while recurring tasks can easily be automated through exposed web services. Having access to KedahMail from anywhere, at any time, means administrators can be more proactive in dealing with issues well before they become actual problems.

Detailed Reporting

With dozens of pre-defined reports, KedahMail provides critical statistics on server health, spam, viruses, disk space usage, incoming and outgoing messages. All reports include the ability to drill down into every domain or user on the system to help administrators identify trends, manage costs and effectively allocate resources.

2-Step Authentication

The ability to secure and lock down email accounts is crucial in today’s online world. KedahMail offers 2-Step Authentication, which is secondary authentication and verification of account ownership using popular authentication apps like Google Authenticator as well as verification using a secondary email address. In addition, KedahMail will automatically generate strong “application passwords” that users will be able to use with third-party applications, such as email clients. Regardless of the authentication method used, accounts are secured with user-generated passwords PLUS a secondary authentication method of their choosing.


KedahMail comes fully equipped with effective and self-updating email virus protection measures to ensure mailbox security.


KedahMail includes multi-layered spam prevention that can help achieve efficient and effective spam protection.


KedahMail has several built-in protections that prevent the mail server from being compromised, including support for incoming and outgoing SSL/TLS connections, intrusion detection (IDS), active directory authentication, harvest attack detection, denial of service (DOS) attack prevention, malicious script authentication and brute force detection.

Auto Clean

Users can all create auto clean rules for calendar appointments and email folders. The ability to automatically prune old calendar events keeps calendar views and agenda items clear and uncluttered. Removing old emails preserves disk space that can be filled by deleted messages, junk email and sent items. Users can even create their own auto clean rules on any custom folder they’ve created.