KedahMail Collaboration

Sharing resources with others within your organization is crucial. From sharing calendars, contacts, tasks, notes and email folders, to event and conference room scheduling, having a true team collaboration leads to a more effective, and efficient, work.

Calendars and Scheduling

KedahMail’s robust calendar makes scheduling meetings and events simple. For example, KedahMail will display any attendee conflicts or even if there’s a conflict with a conference room before an invite is sent. It’s also possible to share business or personal calendars with assistants or others in your organization to help with scheduling appointments. Calendars can also display task start and end dates, highlight business hours and they’re flexible enough for international date and time support.

Team Workspaces

A robust team chat / team meeting solution makes working with multiple different people, in multiple different locations, efficient and effective. Team Workspaces includes audio and/or video conferencing for up to 8 participants, though there’s no limit to the number of people who can participate in a workspace and use its other features such as file sharing and inline group chat.

Contact Management

Whether it’s a Global Address List or your own list of contacts, being able to keep detailed information about each person a user communicates with is imperative. Users can store multiple phone numbers, multiple email addresses, notes, important dates, business information and more for any contact. Contact lists can even be shared with others in an organization and synced to mobile and desktop apps as needed. In addition, categories can be created that group distinct contacts and make them easily-accessible when sending emails or scheduling appointments.

Task Management

KedahMail’s task management gives users the ability to organize their day, week or month. Tasks can have set start and due dates, priority levels, current status and percent complete. Task start and due dates can also display on a user’s calendar, helping them better organize their time. Task lists can be shared with others, synced with mobile and desktop apps, and categories can be applied so a user can better-organize ongoing or one-time tasks.


Notes are a great way to keep track of things like shopping lists, website URLs, To Dos from a meeting and more. Notes can be color coded -- like when using different color “sticky notes" -- to keep like items organized and easily found. With support for a full WYSIWYG editor, notes can even be customized, such as including clickable links, highlighting text, pasting images and more. Notes can be shared with others within an organization, can be categorized and can also be synced with mobile and desktop apps, as needed.

Mailing Lists

For large distributions of messages, such as newsletters and new product announcements, mailing lists are the perfect solution. Users can compose fully customized HTML emails, paste the finished product into KedahMail and send it to a list of subscribers, quickly and easily. Mailing lists support opt-in and opt-out commands so they’re fully CAN-Spam compliant, can be locked down so only moderators can post, and can even be set up so bounced messages will automatically unsubscribe inactive accounts.

Share and Collaborate

Sharing resources across a company, department or group of users is simple in KedahMail. Items can be shared right from within the webmail client, and KedahMail even supports permission levels, allowing users to specify whether items are read-only or editable on a per user or group basis.


Available across all areas of KedahMail -- be able to better organize contacts, tasks and notes for your own use or in conjunction with collaborating with others.

Custom Views

Customize your view of Tasks, Notes, Contacts and Calendar items: Card view shows details as individual cards whereas Grid View shows all items as a list.

Multiple Instances

Create different sets of collaboration items to suit your needs: separate personal tasks from work tasks, shopping lists from project notes and more