KedahMail Webmail

KedahMail’s webmail client provides any user with all of the features, functionality and tools available to them, using any popular browser on any desktop or mobile device.

Webmail Client

KedahMail’s webmail client actually replaces installed applications that can require high levels of maintenance and management. Regardless of whether they’re using Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android or a mix of all of them, KedahMail’s web-based client gives users consistent, reliable and secure access to KedahMail on both desktop and mobile.

Cloud Based File Storage

KedahMail’s integrated file storage can eliminate large file attachments and makes file sharing easy: simply upload a file to a folder of your choice, then include a link to that file from within your email message. Users have the ability to password protect file downloads as well as put a time limit on the links provided. In addition, users can attach their KedahMail account to a third-party file storage solution, such as Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox, and link to those files as well.


KedahMail’s Connectivity is extremely versatile and provides users with a number of tools to consolidate services and expand the usefulness of their KedahMail account. For example:

Consolidate multiple different email addresses into a single interface. That means having ONE location for sending and receiving emails from virtually any personal or work email account. You can even use separate signatures for each account.

Migrate accounts from popular email platforms like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Office365, Mail Enable, Open X-change and more.

View and manage devices that are connected to your account, including the ability to remotely wipe devices if they’re lost or stolen.

Connect your KedahMail account to third-party storage providers such as Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox. Share files from these services quickly and easily.

Group Chat

Having instant access to coworkers is imperative in today’s fast-paced environment. KedahMail includes a robust XMPP/Jabber server that supports voice, video or text chat. It’s an ideal solution for chatting with individuals or small groups and can be started from the webmail client or using any preferred instant messaging app, on desktop AND mobile. Even better, since group chat is confined to your organization, your chats are private and secured from the outside world. Group chat includes inline file sharing and can be archived for later retrieval

Mobile and Desktop

KedahMail’s collaboration items can be used on desktop or mobile browser, and support for the latest syncing technologies means that it’s also possible to use separate calendar, contact, task and note apps on iOS and Android mobile devices. Of course, collaboration items can also be used in desktop clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail and eM Client. That means you have all of your information right at your fingertips.

Language Support

By default, KedahMail offers support for over 15 different languages. In addition, the languages are stored as simple JSON files so translations can be created and provided for any language as needed.


Create virtually any type of message or add flair to Notes and Tasks by highlighting important information. It’s even possible to use custom HTML as the source for newsletters and more.

Advanced Search

Since everything within KedahMail is indexed, advanced search capabilities means you can find any email or appointment from any sender using any keyword or key phrase in any folder.